Top 15 Problems Only Blondes Understand

If you’re like me and have natural blonde hair, you know there are countless stereotypes associated with this hair color, including dumb, ditzy and vain, spawning a multitude of jokes at our expense.

 Top 15 Problems Only Blondes Understand

1. Chlorine turns your hair green. However you'd be an oddity assuming that you wore a shower cap to your late spring pool parties, so you simply need to load up on enemy of chlorine cleanser.

2. Likewise, you want extraordinary violet cleanser to hold your hair back from looking yellow. You don't track down this in pharmacies so you need to arrange it, which can be costly, also an issue.

3. You have no eyelashes until you put mascara on. So even "I awakened this way" days can't be achieved without awakening and putting on mascara.

4. Assuming you have long light hair, individuals now and again treat you less in a serious way. Something about having long, streaming light hair proposes you're youthful and juvenile, while the equivalent doesn't be guaranteed to feel valid for brunettes.

5. Roots. On the off chance that you are not a characteristic blonde: roots! Or on the other hand assuming that you are a characteristic blonde and your closures are really blanched from the sun: roots!

6. On the off chance that you are not a characteristic blonde, you are at the salon each four to about a month and a half. You plan your get-aways, date evenings, and significant life occasions around when you will have new variety in your hair.

7. You have a "features" reserve. It ain't modest to Be blonde!

8. On the off chance that you variety your hair blonde, it gets truly level at the top when you are expected for variety. Victories simply don't look right until you finish your foundations.

9. Individuals express this to you: "Don't allow the dim roots to trick ya!" Are they saying I'm savvy or I'm imbecilic or something completely different? I don't have any idea what this implies, and haven't had the option to sort it out as long as I can remember.

10. You should cleanser consistently. Since light hair looks filthy right away. Each brunette is about not washing their hair for quite a long time. They boast about it! My sister can go a whole week and I disdain her for this.

11. On the off chance that you are lighter looking with light hair, individuals expect you are from Norway or Poland. They respond with complete incredulity when you uncover you're not.

12. Sweethearts don't anticipate that you should have body hair. Since blondies = smooth felines?

13. Men let you know they like you since "they like glossy things." WTF?

14. Dark clasps don't mix in pleasantly with your light hair. Not nothing to joke about, but rather irritating to observe a proper shade-of-light hairpin. Some are brown, some are white, most are not exactly right.

15. "Blonde"- hued bobby pins don't really mix in. It's simply best not to wear bobby sticks ever — they simply never look very right.

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