What does hair toner do for highlights? It's Surprising

Today, stylists use highlights to add depth and size to the hair, usually with colorations slightly lighter than the natural color. The mystery to retaining your freshly painted highlights intact? Toner.

What does hair toner do for highlights? It's Surprising

Highlights are used today by stylists to give depth and dimension to hair. Usually, they use colors that are slightly lighter than the natural color. How can you keep your newly painted highlights intact? Toner.

What does hair toner do for highlights?

Hair toners enhance your hair's natural highlights by neutralizing warm or brassy tones.(best hair toner for highlights )

Highlights may not make as dramatic a change as dyeing your whole head of hair, but they can still make a big difference. Highlights fade, just like any other hair color. Sometimes, you are lucky and your highlights fade to a neutral, pleasant color.

Sometimes, however, they can become too brassy and not blend well with other hair colors. Hair toner is the answer! You can have your stylist apply the toner right after you've finished coloring or after you dry your hair.

Your hairdresser will likely apply toner to blonde highlights. Toners used in salons are clear or purple, and can be confused for conditioner. Blue toners are best for dark hair. You can get toners in cream or liquid formulas, as well as special toning shampoos.

Purple Shampoo

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How it works

Every product you use to treat your hair chemically will cause a chemical reaction. We won't take you back to high school Chemistry. However, understanding how toner works can help you decide whether to tone your hair.

Before Toner, your hair

Keratin is the same substance that gives hair its structure as your skin and nails. Level 10 blondes are platinum. Level 5 is medium brown and level 1 is black-hued. Ask your stylist about the level of color they used on your hair when you have it highlighted. This will help you decide how strong of a toner you should buy.

Consider how many highlights are you wearing. Do they cover your entire head or are there just a few? A Cheaper Way to Lighten Your Roots (simple root bump), while significant highlights usually need a daily or weekly treatment.

Toning may be necessary for those with naturally warm undertones who want to have cool-toned or neutral colors.

Your highlights will not blend well with the natural warmth of your hair. If your hair is dark and not toned, brassy highlights will stick out and make your hair look orange.

How to Highlight Your Hair with a Hair Toner

Toners for hair are violet and blue . However, some salon-grade toners can be clear if you have blonde highlights. Toners are purple and blue, which are opposites of orange and yellow on a color wheel.

Toner can be applied to highlights to revive the original color. Brassy, dull blonde will become ashy and cool-toned. Dreary caramel will turn into a fresh honey-hued Brown, while platinum will go from yellow to pearly.

Toner can be applied to highlights to refresh your look for a fraction of the cost of having them re-dyed.

You don't damage your hair as much as intense hair dyes. Tones can change the color of your highlights, but they are not permanent.

Which toner do you need?

Toners are not a one-size-fits all. Your hair's history and current color will dictate which toner to buy and which formulation will be most beneficial to your highlights.

Is there any risk in using Toner on Highlights

Toner for highlights is not a problem for most people, regardless of the formulation. It is not a good idea to apply a bright purple shampoo or mask every single day.

Toners can be gentler than dyes but your highlights may quickly dry out if you continue to use them and expose to toning chemicals.

Test it behind your ear before you buy a new product. Allow it to sit for at least a few minutes, and then check for irritation. Do not use it if you feel any irritation or swelling. Contact your stylist to get product recommendations.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about what toner can do for your hair highlights? These are some frequently asked questions about hair toner.

Is toner better than hair dye?

Toner is a different product than hair dye. Toner is a targeted improvement that corrects or enhances the existing color of your hair, unlike dye and bleach which can dramatically alter the color of your hair. Toner is definitely better for highlights but still contains chemicals.

Toner is the same as purple shampoo?

A type of toner is the purple shampoo. After a few washes, purple shampoos can neutralize any brassiness that might appear in your highlights. They are usually not as powerful as those in salons.

Is it possible to use silver shampoo as a toner?

Yes, silver shampoo works in the same manner as purple shampoo. This product is specifically designed for silver hair and can be used to tone blonde or silver hair to correct yellow or brassy tones. It will also make your hair look cool and icy.

Silver shampoo is similar to purple shampoo in that it can be difficult to pinpoint specific areas. It may also not work as well as purple shampoo because most people don't have silver highlights.

Is there a permanent hair toner?

Semi-permanent and permanent hair toners are available. Toners are often used after bleaching to deposit healthy shades in your hair, which will improve balance and vibrance.

All toners will eventually go away as shampoo ishes them off. Permanent hair toner is something that many people with blonde highlights would love, but it doesn't exist.

Can I Tone My Hair at Home?

There are many at-home and professional hair toners. Ask your stylist for help in finding the right formula to match your highlight colors.

So what does hair toner do for highlights?

Toner restores dull and brassy highlights to their original shiny, silky, and not-orange states. Toner can be beneficial for blonde streaks, brunette balance, and platinum colors. Your highlights can look salon-fresh with a little effort and time.

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