Japanese Hair Straightening near me

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Japanese Hair Straightening near me

Here are some things you need to know about Japanese hair straightening

You can achieve the same shine as the shampoo ad, reduce frizz and lighten thick hair. Keratin treatments are the best for straightening and smoothing. Although there are many options, the Japanese hair salon is becoming a popular choice. This is especially true for hair experts and keratin users.

If you use a hair straightener, styling unruly hair can be time-consuming and a hassle every day. Your style can be easily damaged by the humidity, despite all your efforts.

This is why so many women choose to have their hair chemically straightened. It makes your hair look great and lasts a very long time.

What is the average life expectancy?

You can expect permanent results and better maintenance. It would take a lot of time to grow out the treatments completely before your natural hair can return. It doesn't wash out as quickly as a Brazilian blow-dry, and it doesn't break down. The Japanese hair straightening process can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the type of hair.

It can cause hair damage

Although Japanese straightening is not as safe as Brazilian blowouts, it can still cause hair damage if you don't follow the stylist's advice. Women have reported hair loss and hair damage.

Your stylist will tell you if your hair is suitable for the treatment and if it will cause any damage. Tell them if you have had your hair processed in any way.

Take care

 It is possible to wash your hair after treatment. However, it all depends on what kind of treatment you have received. Your hair won't look   too oily if you don't wash it for 72 hours. This one allows you to wash your hair up 24 hours later, but it should be left on for at least 48 hours.

You can't wash your hair during this time. Your hair must not be tied back, pinned up, or twisted. You can only sleep with your hair down.

 How the Treatment Works

  • Japanese hair styling relies heavily upon a special solution that is applied to hair like a flat perm.
  • The solution will dissolve the hair bonds that create the shape and give it a straight solution when used with a flat iron.
  • After the hair has been saturated with the solution, it is dried and rinsed with a blow dryer.
  • Finally, it is divided into 1/8 inch sections. It is applied to the hair, locking it in place, similar to a perm.

This entire process can be time-consuming and laborious. You can expect to spend hours at the salon, depending on how thick your hair.

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