The most effective hairstyles you need to recognize approximately when you have a rectangle face

When you look inside the mirror, do you've got a rectangle face? To clarify, that could be a face longer than wide, frequently accompanied by a sturdy, angular jawline. If that sounds like you, there are precise hairstyles that might be satisfactorily suitable to you – in addition to some, you ought to in all likelihood steer clear of.

The most effective hairstyles you need to recognize approximately when you have a rectangle face

The definitive manual to hairstyles that shape a rectangle face

Beachy waves

Incorporating texture into your appearance might be key to balancing out a rectangle face. To do that, you could upload curls, like these cascading beachy waves via your lengths. What this could do is upload width to the appearance, counteracting the period of the face. Clever, huh?

Editor’s tip: You can’t get beachy waves without a sea salt spray, it’s almost the regulation.

Spray a number of the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray thru damp or dry lengths and it’ll help to create that function surfer-fashion, a messed-up wave that all of us love.


Following on from this idea of width-boosting styles, layers are some other awesome manner to faux extra width across the face.

If your hair is all one duration, it’s easy for it to appear limp and weighed down, so you’d be surprised how a good deal of face-framing layers can help in starting up the face.

We’ve decoded layered haircuts only for you!

Birkin bangs

Fan of fringes? Me too, and you can rock bangs with a rectangle face.

The knack is to recall now not to go for something that’ll look too harsh in opposition to a square jawline. Therefore, in place of immediately across bangs – a good way to most effective addition to your angles – strive for extra saggy Birkin-fashion bangs alternatively.

You’ll be incorrect enterprise, as all of Victoria’s Secret girls had been getting those bangs this yr!

Sleek undoes

So a long way the whole lot we’ve been speaking approximately has been softening out a sturdy jawline, but in case you’ve got it, it’s ok to flaunt it! And the satisfactory way to do this is clearly with a slick backup.

If you do determine to embrace this selection, it’ll make for the remaining runway-geared-up appearance, so count on to be scouted as you stroll down the road!


It’s a piece of an unwritten rule that if you have an extended, rectangle face, you ought to probably avoid growing your hair to Rapunzel lengths because it’ll only drag you down.

However, in case you’ve got curly or afro hair, you can forget about this and develop it as long as you like. As the hair grows outwards in preference to down, the tender texture will truly look gorgeous against a distinguished face shape.

Editor’s tip: If you have got curly hair and you’ve never attempted the VO5 Frizz Free Cream, you need to.

It quite an awful lot does what it says at the tin, controlling curls whilst also shielding them from warmness harm due to your blow dryer. It can also be used on dry hair too, to feature additional definition and tame any unruly flyaways.

Read our recommendations on the way to blow dry curly hair.

70s bangs

70s curtain fringes, with their center partings and draping facets, have become popular again, and it’s first-rate news for those with rectangular faces. You essentially get all the benefits of bangs, with none of the cons.

The floppy out aspects assist with – you guessed it – greater width (are you sensing the subject right here?) and as they descend throughout the face, they’re also supporting to cover up a number of the top of your head, too, doing away with a number of that vertical duration.

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