Top Tips to Maintain Chemically Straightened Hair: -

Many women who face difficulty controlling wavy or curly hair, decide to go for permanent hair straightening. However, chemically straightened hair requires a lot of care, without which the hair becomes dull and damaged.

Top Tips to Maintain Chemically Straightened Hair: -

I straightened your hair to get rid of the frizz and are looking for tips to maintain healthy hair, then this blog post by "BobShoda" is meant for you.

Avoid Heating Products

Heat damages your hair and after applied chemicals to straighten it,all the more dangerous. Electronic devices like hair dryers and irons release extreme heat which is not suitable for this treatment. If you in dire need to use these types of accessories, then select a cold mode setting which will harm your hair less.

Use Shampoo Everyday

To get that straight shiny hair, you have to avoid shampooing your hair every day. Instead, use shampoo twice or thrice a week only but condition your hair after every wash.

Protect Your Hair from Sun and Pollution

Sun and pollution are harmful to your chemically treated hair. Hence, you have to be more careful, which is why you should start carrying an umbrella when you step out of your house. You can also wear a hat or a fancy hair scarf to look trendy. This way you will protect your hair from the harm that is caused from sun and pollution.

Use Correct Hair Products

You cannot use the hair products that you previously used, as you will require treatments that are meant for straightened hair. When your hair goes through this process, you should buy products from the salon itself. If you want purchase them from other stores, you should strictly use brands and types that are recommended by your stylist.

Comb First and Then Brush

Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair first. A wooden comb is recommended over plastic or metallic combs. After that, run a brush gently through your hair.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

A lot of chemicals were already used for straightening your hair and more of them will make your hair dry and brittle. Refrain from hair coloring or other chemical treatments for at least six months post the straightening.

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Trim Your Hair Regularly

Straightened hair is prone to split ends which is why regular trimming is recommended. This will also prevent thinning so important to visit your salon regularly to keep the straight strands stylish.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your straightened hair sleek, shiny and stylish. For more hair-care tips, contact Body Pro, a leading beauty school in Toronto. Expert hair stylists in our team will help you with everything, from trimming to scalp treatments.

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