What's Modern Blonding?

It is softened and diffused to allow natural growth,

What's Modern Blonding?

Modern Blonding is the right service for you if you want the "Lived In", dimensional look with bold frame highlights, This look can be customized for blondes or brunettes. It is softened and diffused to allow natural growth. This look can take between 5-6 hours to complete. Our All Inclusive Modern Blonding package also includes all the necessary treatments to maintain your hair's health during the blonding process.

The Seven Most Popular Blonding Techniques


This technique allows you to create beautiful, blended results that are natural and graduated. This technique can be used on any hair type and colour, especially when the client desires a natural look but with some contrast. The time it takes to complete this technique will vary depending on the hair of each client, but typically it takes between 45-60 minutes and 60 minutes.

Face framing

This is one of the most popular techniques right now. This technique focuses on the hairline as well as the perimeter of the face. It's usually created using a mix of different foiling techniques such as babylights/airtouch/back-to-back slices depending on the result you want to achieve. You can also create it using a freehand method for softer, natural looking results. This style is suitable for all hair types, including ashy blondes to warm blondes and deep, dark chocolate browns. You can use a face frame to add some colour to the front. Choose shades that are a few levels lighter than the overall result. This takes about 20 minutes. The best tip is to cut out the facial frame and consult with the client about the style of framing that they would like for their daily look.


The new highlights are a subtle, very subtle highlight that is used to create soft, super blended results. These tiny sections can usually be lifted to a white blonde. You can use different volumes and tones to get the look you desire. These are very popular for areas like the hairline, natural partsings and overall appearance. These can be used on any hair type, but they are most popular for fine hair because it grows out softer and doesn't leave a heavy line of demarcation. The result and the number of babylights used will affect the time taken. The best tip is to never consider a section too fine.


It's a new trend in blonding that combines ombre, foilyage, and balayage. The result is still soft and blended, but we can see that foil/meche, or cling film, can be seen around the top to give it a lift. It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete the application. Use clear meche or transparent cling film to see how the process is developing. You still want it to blend in with the overall look. Visual processing is the key.


Our clients still ask for it. Highlights can lighten hair, while lowlights add depth and dimension. Mixing both creates the illusion of depth, volume and texture. The time depends on whether you have a full or half head. However, it usually takes between 45 and 90 minutes. They are suitable for all hair types. When creating this technique, top tip section patterns are very important. Diagonal sections work best to create natural results and avoid harsh lines.


This is a very popular technique for blonding! This is achieved by bleaching the scalp and toning. It covers all natural hair, making it a very high-maintenance style. You should have it regrown every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how much growth has occurred. It is best to keep it at natural, lighter levels. Also, the condition of the plant must be taken care of. The key to perfect platinum is time. Clients need to be able and willing to take care of the maintenance. It usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes to apply. Top tip: Use a small section of a small brush and a little colour. For extra lift, saturation is the key.


This technique is very popular with our clients who are bright or ashy-blonde. This technique is very similar to balayage. However, all sections are covered or wrapped in foil for maximum lift. This foilyage technique works well for those with brunette hair or balayage that is lighter. Depending on your hair type, it can take between 90 and 120 minutes to apply. To get the best saturation and light, make sure you have small sections. It won't look bright if it isn't white.

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