A Guide to the Seven Most Popular Blonding Techniques

There are a variety of techniques for blonding that are available and as consumers become more knowledgeable, are you able to tell how to distinguish your foil from your flame-out? Matrix The artist Niamh Hayden looks at the most sought-after methods for blonde hair.

A Guide to the Seven Most Popular Blonding Techniques


This is among the top frequently requested methods currently. It is focused on the hairline and the perimeter of the face

It's usually created using a mix of different foiling techniques such as babylights/airtouch/back-to-back slices depending on the result you want to achieve.

It's also possible to make by freehanding techniques to create natural, soft looks. It's a style that is suitable for any hair type and colour that range from ashy blondes to warm blonde to the deep warm chocolate brown.

The frame of the face can be used to add an accent of color around the front with shades that are a few levels lighter than the final result. This process typically takes about 20 minutes

The best tip is to separate the frame for the face and then have clear guidelines for the kind of frame they would like for their daily style.


The new highlights are which is a subtle and light that is used to create a an extremely soft and super blended effect.

The small pieces will typically rise to a crisp white blonde, so various amounts or tones can are used to create the desired result.

They are very popular in areas such as the hairline natural partings or all around to create a look that appears as if it has just been lightly tanned by the sun.

They are suitable for any hair type However; they are most popular with fine hair because they grow out more soft and don’t leave thick lines of demarcation. The time required for the procedure varies based on the outcome or the quantity of babylights.

The best tip is to never believe that the piece is too fine.


A fresh trend is emerging in the world of blonding. It's a mix of ombre, balayage, and foilyage.

It's still a natural and blended look, however, in certain areas, especially at the top, we can see foil/meche or cling films are utilized to provide more lift and create subtle peek-a-boo highlights that give an extra blended look.

It takes around 60 minutes or more apply.

The best tip is to make sure you use clear meche or film to observe the process while you're trying to blend into the design, so visual processing is crucial.


We are still frequently requested by our customers.

Highlights can lighten hair, while lowlights can add depth. When they are mixed, they create an illusion of volume, thickness and depth.

Time can vary depending on the size of your full or half heads, but generally takes around 45 to 90 minutes. They work for any hair type and blend in with the tones of your own hair colour with the depth and tones.

Top-quality section patterns are essential when developing these techniques. Diagonal sections will give natural results, and to avoid rough lines.


It is a very well-known technique for blonding! The way we achieve this look is by using the scalp bleach and tone. This means that all the naturally occurring hair gets covered and it's a highly-maintenance appearance.

It should be redone every 4-6 weeks based on the growth. It is best to choose lighter levels, natural, and in good condition. Should be taken care of.

Customers must be prepared to keep their platinum in good condition as this is essential to achieving the perfect platinum. It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes for application.

The best tip is to use a clean brush that has a tiny amount of colour to ensure no overlap and use tiny sections. The saturation is crucial for more lift.


This is a popular method for all of our blondes who are bright or ashy customers.

It's a very similar method to balayage however; each section is wrapped or covered with foil to provide the greatest lift. If you are looking to balayage with blonder or lighter brunette hairstyles, then this technique is the best for you!

It generally takes 90-120 minutes to apply, based on the type of hair. Make sure the sections aren't too small so that you can get the maximum amount of light. If there's no white hair it won't appear bright!

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