10 types of women's haircuts for long hair to try

The simplest among all types of haircuts for long hair, straight pieces are all AAPPEAR hair has the same length.

10 types of women's haircuts for long hair to try

1. Cut straight

The simplest among all types of haircuts for long hair, straight pieces are all AAPPEAR hair has the same length. In this haircut, the tip of the hair is trimmed in a way that ends with a straight line behind when disappointed.

This is a good hairstyle to have when you want hair that is free of noise, low maintenance that you can even trim by your friends or mother! Plus, this is also a good choice when you want all your hair to look very long.

2. U cut

Similar to a straight piece, U pieces are a type of long hair style where the tip of the hair is trimmed to form a curly line, something like a shallow U. In this haircut, the hair in the middle of the back is the longest, and they become a little shorter to the corner. This haircut is a good idea for women who often get split-end or whose hair does not grow evenly in the back.

3. V cut

Cut V, as the name suggests, is a sharper version than U Cut. This is a haircut where the hair is trimmed in such a way that the tip forms the letter V in the back. The hair behind is the longest in the middle and becomes shorter to the corner.

V Cut is what must be done among all different types of haircuts when you want something that is unconventional and unnatural. This is a kind of tense haircut, but maintenance is high, because hair may tend to grow unevenly in just a few weeks, and you have to get it back to maintain the shape of V.

You can also use this haircut along with a layer, where some of the hair behind is shorter, but the lower layer forms a V. shape.

4. Tapered cut

Tapered cut is a straight cutting type in which hair is cut in a way that form a straight line with conical ends on the back, something like that

This is a good idea for the girls who like a simple straight cut, but that is not too clear at the ends. However, this haircut is too high for what it is worth: it will need an edge every few weeks to maintain the conical shape and a cut U is a simpler and more natural alternative.

5. Layer cut

The cut of the layer is one of the most common and elegant among all the different types of hair cuts for women. In the cut layer, the hair is cut into layers, where different strands of hair are of different lengths. The layers are generally cut in a way where the shortest layers are at the front, framing the face, and the longest layers are usually left on the back to show the length.

Cloak cutting suits almost all forms of the face, because there are many different types of layer cuts, which we will discuss below. This haircut looks very good just after a haircut, but it is not bad even if you don't visit the living room regularly. The layer cut is better with wavy hair and also looks good with the reflexes or ombre.

6. Face frame layers

This is a type of hair cut in layers in which the shortest layers are at the front and end at the chin level or an inch under the chin. These thicker films or layers frame the face and give a youthful but glamorous appearance. In this type of haircut, the main focus of the layers is only to frame the face, since there are not many other layers that are cut.

The face layers of the face can be combed with a central part or hairstyle to the side with a lateral part. If you go for this haircut, remember that the hair will look more bulky in the front, but very thin on the back, especially if you make a horse queue or a bun.

7. Medium and long layers

This is a hair cut in layers that does not have too many layers, instead, there are only two layers, a medium that ends a couple of inches blow their faces and maybe another long layer. This haircut is very similar to the layer layers of the face, since it also has the shortest layers on the front.

However, in this haircut, the short layers are longer than the length of the chin. The layers give an appearance of face frame, but they end up much under the face, giving the longest hair and a more mature look in the face. This haircut is a good idea for women who like the face layers of the face, but do not want their face to look too young or round.

The cutting of medium and long layers is fast on its way to become one of the most popular among the different types of hair cuts, since celebrity charges choose it instead of full layers these days.

8. Uneven layers

The layman of layers unevenly is the type of hair cut in which the strands of hair are cut into layers in such a way that it cannot distinguish where a layer ends and the other begins. This haircut offers a more adult and natural appearance. In this haircut, you can see some threads that stand out as adequate layers, while others simply merge with each other.

Unequal layers are a great haircut for women who need a low maintenance cut that does not require you to get a cut every month or so. It is also a great option for those who want to cut it themselves without the risk of going wrong! I love this haircut and I often understand it, since it is very low maintenance, and it also helps me get rid of all divided forests and, nevertheless, look like elegant layers.

9. Step cut

The passage of passage is the type of haircut where the hair in the front is cut in steps or in very subtle layers, while the hair on the back is not in layers. This is a great option for women with round or rectangular faces, since the shortest layers can hide a strong jaw, while the longest layers on the front can give the elongated appearance, moving away from a round face shape.

Among the different types of hair cuts, this is one of the best known but not so well understood. Many people confuse the step cut with a layer cut, since they give a similar appearance, which makes many think these two are only two different names of the same haircut. However, in the cut layer, the hair layers are cut both in the front and in the back, which can be done from one and the other. While in the passage of passage, the layers are indistinguishable and only in the front.

10. Waterfall cut

The cascade haircut is a type of hair cut in layers, in which the shortest layers are in the front near the face, and then spend more time when it comes to the back, giving the appearance of a waterfall. This haircut adapts to almost all types of hair: straight, wavy and curly hair. However, each type of hair will give a different appearance with the waterfall cut.

Cascade cut seems to cut the passage of the front, the difference is that the layers are cut very subtly in a gradient to go from top to bottom like a waterfall. This is similar to many different types of hair cuts that offer an appearance in long -term layers.

This haircut can be used with or without bangs, and it is also seen very well with reflexes or balance. It is a good haircut for girls whose front hair does not grow as much as rear hair. This haircut can also help you get rid of divided ends, especially in the front. This is also a great idea when you want you to give the appearance of a bob or lobe in the front without really teaching you short!

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